Libido Booster Supplement

Use Andropharma herbal libido booster to increase sexual desire and achieve long lasting erections.

Andropharma Vigor

andropharma vigor

Andropharma presents Vigor herbal and nutritional libido boosting pills for helping those whose sexual desire and strength has decreased.

Healthy sexual drive or libido plays an important role in men`s sexual relations. After extensive research and several improvements over the years we offer our third generation formula Andropharma Vigor pills aimed at boosting libido and improving sexual performance by increasing testosterone production and improving blood flow in the penis.

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Andropharma Vigor Results


Boosting Libido

Andropharma Vigor supplements help increase libido and stimulate sexual desire of men. Several ingredients such as maca, damiana and zinc promote testosterone production or this hormone’s activity and give strength to the entire body. Testosterone is a key element for the men’s sexual development. It also stimulates the maturation of spermatozoid and influences semen characteristics such as mobility.


Improving erectile quality

The quality of erection could be expressed by the firmness and duration of penile erection. For the erection to be successful and satisfactory it is important to have a healthy and strong blood flow in the penis. Several ingredients of our vigor pills such as ginkgo biloba and arginine intent to increase the blood flow and improve erections.


Better sexual performance

Andropharma Vigor helps achieve better sexual performance also because of its energizing and stimulating characteristics. Famous Asian ginseng will revitalize your entire body and increase your sexual sensitivity. Increase of the blood pressure has been observed in the penis and postponed ejaculation in some cases.


Obtaining longer-lasting erections

Andropharma Vigor helps you enhance your sexual desire thanks to the stimulation of glands that secrete testosterone. It is a key element for men’s sexual development and sexuality. It stimulates the growth of external genitals, increases the production of semen and boosts sexual desire.

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2 Months Supply 59 € / $ 59

55 £ / 85 AU$-CA$

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4 Months Supply 99 € / $ 99

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Libido Booster Supplements Ingredients

Our 3rd generation Andropharma Vigor pills have a 4 in 1 formula and are composed of a new set of ingredients to improve libido, blood circulation and erectile quality.

Scientific studies show the components to be effective.

Andropharma offers its clients the rich and vast experience it has in the field of male sexuality. Our company and products enjoy a worldwide recognition. With numerous analysis and testimonials we show our dedication to healthy, safe and top quality products and services.

Peruvian maca – Lepidium meyenii

Peruvian maca – Lepidium meyenii

This turnip and radish related vegetable is the primal source of nutrition in some communities of the high Andes of Peru as it is highly nutritious and rich in minerals. Some of it darker colored varieties (black, purple, red) are also been used in traditional local curative practices. It has been always considered by the locals to have stamina and energy promoting-properties in men and claimed to have beneficial properties for the nervous system.
People which have been eating maca for generations believe it increases libido and say it improves semen production and its quality. Maca is considered a natural libido booster as it stimulates hypothalamus and pituitary glands which then affect endocrine glands like testes to produce sexual hormones and more sperm.

L – Arginine

L – Arginine

This common amino acid is a vital part of many proteins of the human body. It builds cells and plays an important function in healing processes, cell division and immune system as it effects releasing of some hormones, among the most important is human growth hormone which collaborates in processes of growth and regeneration. In addition it is involved in the first phase of the erectile response. Its transformation in nitric oxide (vasodilator gas), results in an increase of penis erection ability.

Damiana – Turnera diffusa

Damiana – Turnera diffusa

This small shrub, native to South and Central America, produces small aromatic yellow flowers, but it is its leaves which have traditionally been used by native people to make tea with relaxing effects and Mexican Indians used to drink it with sugar as an aphrodisiac. According to traditional beliefs it helps organism fight fatigue and weariness.
It stimulates urination, erection and ejaculation and it increases libido in both sexes.

Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba

This beautiful tree is the only surviving representative of its group dating back to the age of dinosaurs. Its beneficial effects on the human health were recognized in ancient China over 5000 years ago.

It is generally recognized ginkgo extract improves blood flow and especially microcirculation in extreme parts of the body (e.g. penis). Ginkgolides appear to be responsible for these effects on blood circulation. It has been discovered that Ginkgo biloba impacts the nitric oxide production in the endothelial cells of blood vessels. In blood vessels of the penis this produces vasodilation necessary for a good blood circulation in the penis. Better blood flow in the genitalia provides better erections and can reduce erectile problems.

Vitamin B3
Vitamin B3

This vitamin of the B group known also as niacin can be found in variety of foods. Its deficiency in nutrition can cause serious health problems. It is vital for the development of the human body as it collaborates in numerous cellular metabolic processes. It is also important for the production of steroid hormones such as testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics.


The second most abundant metal in human body is essential in countless processes of cell metabolism, growth, healing and restoration as it is a building block of proteins, DNA and enzymes and works as a coenzyme. It plays an important role in the immune defense systems of the body and promotes healing processes.

among other things, it plays an important role in the conversion of testosterone hormone into more active forms and regulates the production and formation of sperm, especially its maturity and mobility.

Piper nigrum
Piper nigrum

Black pepper is principally used as a spice, but beneficial properties for the human health are also known. It has been used in Asian traditional medicine practices for treating all sorts of ailments. Our formula includes BioPerine® which is a patented and tested piperine extract. Piperine is a component of black pepper which accelerates metabolism and elevates capabilities of nutrient absorption by the body.

Andropharma VIGOR

Use Andropharma herbal libido booster to increase sexual desire and achieve long lasting erections.









Libido Booster Supplements Scientific Studies

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Read Study

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Andropharma Vigor intended for?

The unique four-in-one formula of Andropharma Vigor is the latest generations of our supplement pills which help improve men’s sexual life and boosts libido.

How does it work?

Andropharma Vigor is herbal and nutritional supplement pills which stimulate glands to produce more testosterone or transform it to more active forms. In combination with improved blood circulation, this helps improve men’s sexual desire and erectile quality as it improves erections making them stronger and longer lasting.

What results can be expected?
  1. Increased libido and sexual desire
  2. Stronger and longer lasting erections
  3. Longer and more pleasant ejaculations
  4. An increase of sexual desire and self-esteem
  5. More intense and more pleasant orgasms
  6. An increase in sexual confidence
Is it safe?

Andropharma Vigor is completely safe; its ingredients are herbal or nutritional substances and no harmful side effects have been detected. It should only be taken by men. Women should consider side effects arising from elevated testosterone levels. It is not intended for children.

For how long do I need to take it?

It depends on the results you want to get. Basically, you can use it as long as you want to increase libido and erectile quality.

Can Andropharma Vigor be used to help with the quality of erection?

Yes, Andropharma Vigor can be used to restore lost libido and improve erections since the effects of its ingredients are, among others, an increase of sexual desire and an increase of vascularization. Poor vascularization of the penis and lack of sexual desire often cause male impotence.

What are the active ingredients?

Andropharma Vigor are herbal and nutritional dietary supplements. The main ingredients are Peruvian Maca, Damiana, Ginkgo, Ginseng and Black pepper plant extracts and nutrients like vitamin B3, zinc and arginine which have various aims.

  • Peruvian Maca and Damiana are traditional aphrodisiacs and libido boosters. Together with arginine, vitamin B3 and zinc they encourage sperm production, erection and ejaculation. These ingredients also work beneficiary on the body’s testosterone production.
  • Ginkgo biloba promote vascularization and blood flow and thus improve erection quality and durability.
  • Ginseng is aimed at revitalizing the body and stimulating its senses. It also helps to increase sexual energy and general stamina.
Can it be used as an aphrodisiac?

Certainly. Most of the ingredients included are libido boosters and traditional aphrodisiacs which effectively stimulate testosterone production and consequentially increase sexual interest. Andropharma Vigor can be used as an aphrodisiac as it enhances your sexual appetite. It should be used only by men!

Can I enjoy better sex by taking Andropharma Vigor?

The combination of Peruvian Maca and Ginseng can help stimulate your sexual senses and boosting your libido. In addition, increased vascularization and blood circulation in the penis caused by Ginkgo will allow you to have stronger and longer lasting erections and more desirable sexual intercourse.

andropharma vigor x2

2 Months Supply 59 € / $ 59

55 £ / 85 AU$-CA$

andropharma vigor x4

4 Months Supply 99 € / $ 99

85 £ / 149 AU$-CA$

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