Men´s Health Supplements

Andropharma has developed a set of male supplements in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Andropharma is pleased to supply its customers with effective solutions for common and non-discussed problems. We have solutions to increase your libido, experience long-lasting erections, facilitate muscle building, and more. Take a look at our suite of supplements below:

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Men´s Health Supplements

Patients worldwide allow us to discover new formulas to improve and enhance our patients’ wellbeing.

1 a day

1 a day







Andropharma Penis

Andropharma Vigor

Andropharma Penis

andropharma penis

Penis Enhancement Supplement

Andropharma’s herbal-nutritional supplements to increase the own testosterone levels as well as increasing the penis size*. (*) with a penis extender

Andropharma Vigor

andropharma vigor

Libido Booster Supplement

Use Andropharma herbal libido booster to increase sexual desire and achieve long lasting erections.

Andropharma Muscle

Andropharma Hair

Andropharma Muscle

andropharma muscle

Muscle Building Supplement

Andropharma’s herbal-nutritional supplements build muscles, reduce body fat and increase physical strength.

Andropharma Hair

andropharma hair

Hair Loss Supplement

An Andropharma nutritional supplement can reduce hair loss and obtain healthier and shinier hair.

Andropharma Slim

Andropharma Anti-aging

Andropharma Slim

andropharma slim

Weight loss supplement

An Andropharma herbal supplement designed for those who want to lose weight and get a better looking figure.

Andropharma Anti-aging

andropharma anti-aging

Anti aging Supplement

Andropharma Anti-aging is the most effective solution to stay young forever.

Andropharma Guarantees

Made in Europe

Manufactured in Europe by the most advanced labs.

Medical Support 24/7

Full online medical support throughout the entire treatment.


Andropharma has the GMP certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices for the Andropharma supplements.

Quality Products

Herbal Products

Herbal Products

Andropharma supplements components are herbal ingredients with no health risks

Scientifically Tested

Scientifically Tested Ingredients

Several scientific studies attest the efficacy of the components

Doctor Approved

Doctor Approved

Our products are backed up by prestigious doctors who support their efficacy

4-in-1 Products

4-in-1 Products

A 4-in-1 formula to achieve the best beauty and health results for men

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andro-pharma mens health supplements
andro-pharma mens health supplements
20 anniversary

ANDROPHARMA is a pharmaceutical laboratory with more than 20 years. Our values are:

Quality, Effectiveness & Safety.

iso certified

ANDROPHARMA is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified.

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