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Weight Loss Supplement

Among others, Sirenspharma also offers Sirenspharma Slim, a herbal supplement designed for those who want to lose weight, get a better looking figure, and reduce general health risks.
Excessive body weight is one of the most widely spread health risk factors of modern societies all over the world. To combat this problem, the most important is maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise though there are also various other options from cosmetic surgery to diverse technical and pharmaceutical products which accelerate the loss of weight.
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The components of our slimming herbal pills work by stimulating metabolic processes and elevate consumption of fats by the body. The thermogenic properties of green tea extracts which elevate energy consumption, and the iodine rich Bladder Wrack seaweed which stimulates production of hormones by the thyroid gland which control the metabolism, accelerate metabolism and increase fat burning.


The extracts of Garcinia could prevent the synthesis of fats from carbohydrates and slow down the formation of new fat reserves by blocking enzymes needed for these processes. Instead of producing new fat, the body starts to burn the existing fat.


Equisetum arvense has long been known and used as a powerful diuretic. It stimulates fluid excretion and urination. Getting rid of excessive liquids retained in the body helps reduce the body weight and help shape a fitter and slimmer figure.


The Sirenspharma Slim herbal supplements will help you obtain a slender figure you want by burning accumulated fat, preventing deposition of new fatty tissue and eliminating contained liquid. Alongside the effects of anti-oxidative substances, you will be able to lose weight in a safe way with the help of completely natural herbal extracts.
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2 Months Supply

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4 Months Supply 

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Green Tea

Accelerating Metabolism and help in Fat Burning

Bladder Wrack seaweed

Decreasing Absorption and Accumulation of Fat

Brindle Berry

Stimulates Digestion

Horse Tail

Eliminating Excess Fluids

green tea
Accelerating Metabolism and help in Fat Burning
Green Tea – Camellia sinensis. Known for millennia in China this vibrantly green bush produces not only an excellent and prized drink but is also promotes burning of fat through its thermogenic effect which rises energy consumption. It is an anti-oxidant and reduces blood sugar. Furthermore it has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties which help the immune system. It calms the body and relieves stress, but sharpens the mind.
Fucus vesiculosus
Decreasing Absorption and Accumulation of Fat
Bladder Wrack seaweed – Fucus vesiculosus. One of the most common algae of the Nordic oceans has been a part of diet of various cultures around the world. It is rich in iodine which stimulates the production of hormones by the thyroid gland. Among other, these stimulate metabolic processes and weight loss.
Garcinia cambogia
Stimulates Digestion
Brindle Berry – Garcinia cambogia. This Indonesian fruit is also used in cooking and preserving other foods using its anti-bacterial characteristics. It stimulates digestion and serves as a laxative. It is considered to have appetite suppressing qualities and it also works as a blocker for enzymes which participate in the synthesis of fatty acid.

Eliminating Excess Fluids

Horse Tail – Equisetum arvense. Spring sprouts of this plant are eaten in some countries in Asia. As it contains high levels of various minerals it mineralizes the body (nails, hair, bones) and works as a detoxifier and diuretic. It helps get rid of excess fluid held in the body.

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Frequently asked questions about saying goodbye to weight
What is Sirenspharma Slim intended for?

Sirenspharma Slim supplement pills have a unique 4 in 1 formula which helps with losing weight, slimming and shaping the body figure by promoting natural processes of the body and stimulate it to burn more fat and get rid of excess contained liquids.

Can anyone take these supplements?

The supplements are made for women and men who want to lose weight and get a slimmer body figure. Among the ingredients there are no sexual hormones or sexual hormone production stimulants which would be able to cause unwanted side effects for any of the gender groups. It is advised however, that pregnant women and patients with diabetes, cancer, hypertension or heart disease should consult their medic, before taking the pills.

What do the ingredients do?

The natural herbal extracts promote metabolic processes and begin to burn the body’s fat reserves, hindering the absorption and synthesis of new fatty tissues, and decreasing feelings of hunger and appetite. They remove the excess fluids contained in the body. In addition, the herbal extracts are full of antioxidants to defend the body against cellular damage and aging processes caused by negative environmental effects.

How do the pills help to reduce fat?

The ingredients work on fat burning in two ways. By elevating the metabolism and energy consumption they stimulate use of fats which are already in the body; and at the same time some ingredients prevent fat absorption and synthesis, and thus new fatty tissue from forming.

How do the pills get rid of excess liquid?

Horsetail extract, in particular, is a potent diuretic that drains the accumulated excess fluid and makes the body dispel it.

Are Slim pills enough to lose weight?

Definitely not. The slimming pills are just to help you lose weight faster, but it is still necessary to keep a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.

What are the ingredients of Sirenspharma Slim?

Sirenspharma Slim weight loss pills are composed only of extracts made from various plants to help lose weight: green tea (Camellia sinensis), Bladder Wrack seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus), Brindle Berry (Garcinia cambogia) and Horse tail (Equisetum arvense). In addition the pills contain an extract of black pepper – piperine to increase absorption of the ingredients by the body and their effect. protect the body against harmful influences and diseases.

What are the expected results?

Sirenspharma Slim will help you lose weight faster and obtain a slender figure by increasing fat consumption, preventing formation of new fat reserves, eliminating excess fluids from the body and repressing hunger and appetite. They also include anti-oxidants to protect the body against harmful influences and diseases.

How long does it take to achieve results?

The time which is necessary for the results to be seen depends on each individual, his bodily characteristics and the way of life, though the components will start to affect the processes in the body immediately. In any case, we recommend taking the supplements for at least four consecutive weeks.

Are there any unwanted side effects?

All the components have been tested and are proven to be completely safe to use, as long as recommended dosage is followed. With overdosing there can be a risk of thyroid problems, due to high content of iodine.

Does Sirenspharma offer any guarantees?

Our company – Sirenspharma has all the necessary permissions and certificates to produce and distribute medical products and supplement pills. For our products there is a 14 day money back guarantee and the shipment is completely private.

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