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Andropharma Muscle

The desire to build lean muscle mass, to lose body fat in a healthy way and to increase physical strength, are three key points to which athletes and sport fans, both men and women, can identify. The reason for this can vary: some people may feel the need – for professional or personal reasons – to improve their figure, get more toned and better-shaped muscles; others wish to obtain more strength, more physical capacities, as it is a requirement for many sports; while others would like to get rid of their excess fat so that their muscles can be defined, in a healthy way.
muscle mass

Build your muscles

Andropharma Muscle helps increase muscular mass thanks to the stimulation of the glands that produce several hormones, which are in fact the key element in the development of muscles both for men and women. Andropharma Muscle is a new formula, rich in Tribulus terrestris and Colostrum extracts, supplements used as stimulants for testosterone, to strengthen and develop muscles.
less fat

Reduce your body fat

For people who wish to increase the volume of their muscles and who want to be stronger, it is important to do so in a healthy way, for their body to avoid secondary effects caused by hormone intakes. Thanks to the combined action of Zinc and Colostrum – enhancing cellular energy capacities and therefore fat-burning capacities – purifying the body while improving physique.

Get more physical strength

Andropharma Muscle is a dietary supplement to increase physical power and strength. Taken as a complement of regular physical activity, the Andropharma Muscle treatment provides increased strength. Andropharma Muscle is a dietary supplement for those who wish to feel physically stronger, and for those who want to boost their resistance levels without the side-effects of direct hormonal intake.
self steem

Increase self-steem

Andropharma Muscle enhances the body’s image, increases self-esteem and feeling of being in better shape. No matter if using the supplement for fat burning or muscle building, Andropharma Muscle enhances a health look and the feeling of strength.

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Main ingredients

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a plant of ancient tradition in Oriental countries, where it has been used for a long time as a stimulant of sexual desire and power, as well as a muscular stimulant. Various studies point out a significant increase in testosterone production levels, necessary for the development of men´s sexuality.


Colostrum´s main propierty is to improve the immune system; it is the first substance produced by the mammary gland within the first 24-48 hours after birth. Colostrum can help reinforce tendons and bones and it also helps eliminate excess body fat rapidly to obtain better defined muscles. In fact, thanks to its high content in IGF-1 (type 1 insulinic growth factor); Colostrum stimulates the production of hormones which are necessary to increase physical capacities, resistance to effort and to stimulate muscular development.


Zinc is a chemical element that is essential for human beings: it intervenes in the metabolizing of proteins and nucleic acids; it stimulates the activity of approximately 100 enzymes. It is necessary for a good scarring of wounded tissues, and it plays a role in the perception of taste and smell as well as in DNA synthesis. A zinc deficiency can cause delayed growth, hair loss, diarrhea, eye and skin lesions, low appetite, weight loss, slow healing of wounds and problems with the sense of smell.

Scientific Studies

Effect of testosterone on muscle mass and muscle protein synthesis.

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Improve your image


Improve your body


Improve your sex


Improve your life

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Andropharma Muscle supplement for?

The treatment with Andropharma Muscle is a 4 in 1 advanced formula that aims at improving physical capacities when taken as a complement of regular exercising. Andropharma Muscle will help you obtain more muscular mass and strength, and burn excess fat thanks to its fat-burning effects. Andropharma Muscle is made of ingredients that boost physical capacities to recover better after workout.

How does the treatment work?

The idea behind Andropharma Muscle is to stimulate the glands that produce testosterone, leading to an increase of muscular mass and strength. Its formula contains a powerful fat-burner that replaces body fat with muscles.

What results can I expect?
  1. Enhance muscular mass
  2. More physical strength
  3. Less body fat
  4. Faster recovery after workout
  5. Increased physical resistance
  6. Higher libido
What are the active ingredients

Andropharma Muscle is an herbal supplement composed of substances which present no risk to health. The main ingredients are Tribulus terrestris, Colostrum and Zinc, each aimed for specific actions.

  1. Tribulus terrestris stimulate the glands that produce testosterone, the hormone necessary to obtain an increase of muscular mass.
  2. Colostrum helps stimulate the own production of hormones involved in the enhancement of physical performances, body resistance, the development of muscles and the burning of fat by producing more energy.
Is it a safe treatment?

Andropharma Muscle is a totally safe treatment: all the ingredients used are extracted from plants, which means there are no side-effects reported to date. Women must look carefully at possible side-effects related to an increase in the production of testosterone.

For how long should the treatment be followed?

It depends on the results you wish to obtain. You can normally take the tablets for the time you want, as long as your aim is to improve your physical capacities.


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